The Mission

Is to

Express Truth In The Eye Of The Beholder

And Deeply Invoke Abstract Thinking


In Wanders To Feel

A Piece Of Mind

What Is The Definition of Art?

There are numerous conspiracies and opinions on

"what makes something art".


'Ethos' by Kai Kwan

Defines Art is as a form of expression, manifested with imagination and skill.

It is allowing of interpretation and meaning, through personal emotions in the eye of the beholder.

It is something unique and personal.

It is urgent and accepting, of every person to be entitled to their own emotional reaction.

A piece of art is created with the power of the mind, and with the capacity to leave a mental or materialistic marker in time. 

A Piece Of Mind


The style distinguished is derived from no professional experience, but of natural flow since the discovery of the pen on paper. Materials used include some combination of digital mixed media, as well as traditional hand drawn ink, color pencil, watercolor, charcoal, gel, and paints. 

Within each stroke, is energy. 

Blessed, expressional energy. 

Between the allusive lines and visual illusions, the inspiration emerges through accumulated world travel, philosophy, and the drive for extroversion of knowledge. 

Abstract Art could be assumed to represent the spirit, since it does not represent the material. In saying so, abstract art should not be deemed as a mere, nor meek category.  The human body has the senses of sight, sense, taste, smell, touch, and extrasensory perception - all unique and dependent on the brain. 

Embodied in each piece is the mind’s impression of the senses. Every color, thought, shadow, shape, or line, holds a vulnerability that should be sympathized. Every depiction is meant to ignite a personal flame, and hold its definition forever.